Do Name Address Aadhar Card Correction in 2 Minutes

Do your Aadhar Card Correction on your Own? Aadhar card being such a huge project. There are always some errors in the final output of the card. For instance, there are several cases with regards to personal details.

From spelling mistakes of the name on the card to address mistakes. Moreover, there is sometimes some information missing in the card altogether.

Moreover, there is the error by the users themselves. Sometimes they give wrong info. This leads to an error in cards. The user of Aadhar card wants to correct these mistakes. As they make life difficult. Aadhar card has become vital to a point that the day to day life gets difficult.

So, keeping all the above points in mind. The UIDAI has come up with Aadhar Self Service Update Portal. This step has great benefits. As it reduces the hassles. Making easy the corrections for the Aadhar card.

So, by using this portal of self-service. The user can get corrections for several fields. Whether it is for the name correction or address correction. All the required process to finalize and rectify the info on cards becomes possible through this portal.

Therefore, to ease things further. This article takes you step by step. Presenting to you the shortest and easiest way to do corrections on Aadhar card. If you have any corrections to make the do not miss this guide. In short and crisp manner. The user will have the required knowledge. To complete the correction process.

Aadhar Card Correction

If you have any Aadhar Card Correction to make the do not miss this guide. In short and crisp manner. The user will have the required knowledge. To complete the correction process.

The portal also allows tracking the update status. This becomes a boon in the fast-paced lifestyle. The UIDAI has come up with a secure and fast way to do corrections. This is for all the common issues related to it.

Steps to Update Aadhar Card Correction Online

So, to learn as to how to go about this. Please go through this step by step write-up to

  1. The first step is to visit the correct web page for the portal. Through here all the queries regarding the revision begins.
  2. Then with care, enter the 12-digit Aadhar Number in the field provided. Next to it is the button “Send OTP”.
  3. This will send the one-time password to the user registered mobile number. Once the number is in hand it is valid for 15 minutes.
  4. If the user at that moment doesn’t have registered mobile number. Then the OTP is accessible through the other mobile number provided.
  5. Once the OTP is in hand please enter it in the box. After that click “Login” button on the screen.
  6. One thing to note is that the Airtel subscribers may face some issues in receiving the OTP. In such case please use some other carrier for your OTP.
  7. Moreover, for those who want to make correction offline. They too can do it. Since there is a form which one can send through the post.
  8. Please download this update form to make offline corrections in Aadhar card details.
  9. Once the OTP is final. Please update the information in the next step. Once OTP is in please press the “submit” button.
  10. Now please enter the correct and latest values in the fields provided. Once done please click “Submit Update Request” button.
  11. In the next step, the user requires validating the update. A final reminder flashes on the screen asking for confirmation.
  12. Please the check the box and press the “Proceed” button.
  13. Still, if the user wants to change some information then click “Modify”. This will allow for corrections.
  14. The next step in the process is the “Updating Request Confirming and Documents Upload“.
  15. In this step, the user needs to upload the supporting record.
  16. The records are the proof on which, the changes will take place. Once it is up on the page please click the “Submit” button.
  17. Please note that the user can send the records through post also.
  18. The last page is the “Update Request Complete” section. This part states the successful submission of the form.
  19. The user will receive the update request number in the form of 0000/00111/0xxxx.
  20. The user will also receive a message on the mobile number.
  21. This message will contain the URN Number also.
  22. Please keep the URN number with care. This URN is useful to check the status of the Update request made.
  23. Moreover, the request page is also downloadable. The format is PDF. It is again useful for further, queries.
  24. There are two buttons to choose from. Whether you want to take the printouts or download it to your local device.
  25. Once all the steps in time are over. Please log out from the session.
  26. The “Logout” button is on the top-right corner of the page.
  27. One of the most important aspects of all this procedure is to not hit the refresh page on the browser.
  28. This will in automatic form terminate the session.
  29. Once all the process is over please click the “Logout” button or refresh the page.
  30. At last, the user can check the status of the update process. To do this please check this link.
  31. The user needs to possess the URN number plus the Aadhar number. To check the status of the Aadhar update process.

By following the above-mentioned steps the user can access the self-service portal with ease without much fuss. When followed step by step the Aadhar Card Correction process becomes a rewarding experience.

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