Find Your Aadhar Card Status by Name in 2 Minutes Easily

Aadhar Card Status by Name Once an individual enrolls himself for Aadhar. Through Aadhar card enrolment center. It takes about 3 months or 90 days to receive the Aadhar card in hand.

This time period is too frustrating. Those who want to have an Aadhar card for various reasons. It becomes a boon if they could know the status Aadhar card status.

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For long, this facility was not present. However, after considering the needs of users. The UIDAI has come up with solutions to check the status. So now the user can check online the status of Aadhar card.

This guide will ensure a speedy approach to get Aadhar. If one has lost it by accident. By studying this guide one can access the Aadhar card by name and date of birth.

aadhar card status by name

Aadhar Card Status by Name and Date of Birth

In this step by step guide. The user will learn. As to how he or she can check the Aadhaar card status online by name. Please follow the steps exactly as mentioned below. Let us get going.

  1. The first step to follow is by visiting the correct page on the UIDAI website.
  2. This page on the UIDAI is for downloading Aadhaar. Moreover, it will show the status of Aadhar card. If the user has already enrolled.
  3. When on this page the user needs to click on the right option. This option is “The UID no or Aadhar number” OR “Enrollment Identification Number”, the heading of whether you have lost the Aadhar card?
  4. This is the same link for both the status verification and the lost Aadhar card access.
  5. Further, enter your name (without spell mistakes) in the box provided for the data input.
  6. Please remember to put in the data exactly like when you gave during enrollment. As a difference in data will cause error output. The user won’t have the correct result.
  7. Next put in the email address. Make sure this is the same email provided at the time of enrollment. So that there is no error in results.
  8. Next step is the important step. In this, the user needs to input the correct mobile number. This mobile number must match the number registered during enrollment.
  9. Further, the user will see the security code. This code in the image is for authentication of the form submission. Please enter the correct code without any mistake.
  10. If the code is not readable then please refresh the image. Further, click the button for receiving the one-time password.
  11. The user will receive OTP on the mobile. Moreover, if the user wants then the password is also accessible through the user’s registered email.
  12. Further, there is a box to enter this one-time password. Please copy it from your mobile or email. Make sure there is no mistake while you input it.
  13. Once OTP is in. Click on the button to verify the code received.
  14. Then the user will receive a confirmation message through a dialogue box. In this message, there is Aadhar card no. or the enrollment ID.
  15. Once the user receives the message the next step is to visit this site address.
  16. Once there please select the correct option. Select “EID” or “Aadhar”, under the heading “I have”.
  17. Next enter the user EID, Pincode, Full Name. Further, enter the phone number and security code.
  18. Then click on the “Get OTP” number. The one-time password is accessible to your registered mobile number or to email. Whichever is the option valid.
  19. Once you have the OTP enter it in the appropriate box. Further, click the button which says to validate the data and download it.
  20. This way you can check and have your electronic Aadhar card. If it is final the user can download the e-Aadhar. If not, then have the status checked.
  21. To open the PDF file, the pin code of your address is the password.

In the above steps, we have gone through the steps. To check the status of the Aadhar card. Moreover, if the Aadhar card is final then the user can take the print out of the e-Aadhar card. The user can use the e-Aadhar card the same way the normal Aadhar card is in operation.

If for some reason the user is not able to access the status by name. The user can try repeating those steps again. Once the user gets the hang of it. The process becomes easy to operate.

With simple logical steps the UIDAI has made the process simple. Earlier there was no provision to check the Aadhar card status by name. It is recent development. After keeping with the view of the user of Aadhar card.

Further, the links will take the user to the specified pages. The website is easy to navigate. If there is any issue, then the user can consult the FAQs section of the website. So there is no wastage of time.


In future, the Aadhar users can visit this page for updates. The UIDAI improves their website from time to time from the feedbacks they receive. This section on the website will gather that information and present it in simple terms to the user. Please keep referring back to this particular site for all your Aadhaar card related queries.

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