8 Best Ball Pen for Board Exams in India 2020

All board students put their energy and time into the preparation for board exams. As the time is approaching, late-night versions are the new habits. The countdown has begun, and students are preparing themselves for the board exams. 

Imagine you are sitting in an exam, and suddenly, your pen stops working. Now, what to do? Think of the worst thing when your pen starts leaking on the answer sheets. So, it is going to ruin all your hard work. 

Going with various pens in exams does not work if they are not of good quality. Instead of numbers, quality matters a lot. 

That’s why it is necessary to have the best ball pens. However, the choice of the same varies upon many factors. These are gripping styles, length, shape, and style. 

Best Ball Pen for Board Exams in India

Best Ball Pen for Board Exams in India

1. PILOT The Better Ball Point Pen for Board Exam

Refillable pens are ideal for those who are eco-friendly. The idea of refillable pens is perfect as it leads to less waste. These pens are retractable. So, no cap is used. It contributes to less use of plastic in the manufacturing process. 

The textured barrel increases the control and comfort over the pen. It is classic. The pen is also reliable. It offers smooth and smudge-free writing. It delivers slim, durable barrel design writing. Metal accents highlight its working. 

In all the products of Pilot, there is a combination of quality, art, and design. It is a trusted quality. During writing in the exams, the Pilot pens are necessary stationery for you. 

The ballpoint pen ink is oil-based. So, it dries quickly in writing. The high-quality pens are comfortable for writing during the exams. It delivers smear-resistant and clean lines. It does not matter whether you are a left-hander or a right-hander. The pen is perfect for you. 

A transparent barrel in each pen gives you a chance to keep an eye over the refill. So, for your convenience, you can refill it on the requirement. Get the writing perfection with this ball pen. 

What do We Like?

A stylish metal clip is there.

Non-slip grip.

Trusted quality.

2. BIC Round Stic Xtra Life Best Ball Pen for Board exam

The exciting feature about this pen is its duration of writing. The pen is going to write% more than its competitors. During the board exams, you are busy writing. It would be best if you had a consistent flow of ink. Interrupted ink flow can affect your grades. 

So, when the pen lets you write more, there is no need to change the refill. Thus, it saves your time in exams. 

The pen has a frosted cap. BIC round stic Xtra life has a translucent barrel. This helps in the visibility of the ink supply. 

The pen has a flexible round barrel. The round barrel is required for comfort writing. So, during the exam, you will have a smooth writing experience.

What We like?

1. Presence of translucent barrel.

2. Flexible round barrel.

3. It writes 40% longer.

3.PILOT G2 Premium Pink Ribbon Retractable Gel Roller Ball Pen

Pilot G2 Pink Ribbon Edition is supporting breast cancer awareness. Being socially responsible, the product is also offering quality. The retractable gel roller pen is delivering long-lasting and smooth writing. The pen is featuring with comfortable rubber grip. 

The pen comes in blue as well as black ink. The pen has reliable ink. Additionally, the pen has long-lasting ink. This pen has proved itself in the market. It is known for the most extended writing in the category of a gel rollerball pen. 

It is a classy choice for all the writing needs. The trusted quality of the brand assures the quality of this pen. While writing notes in school or colleges, the pen will always help in smooth writing. 

The Colour of the ink is excellent. Overall, the pen is quite helpful in writing the answers in board exams. It will never disappoint you. It is also stylish in looks. 

Rubber grip on the pen will never let you slip the pen from the hand. Thus, sweating during writing will never interfere with it. 

What do We Like?

• The pen is classic and stylish in look.

• It offers long-lasting writing.

• The brand is known for its trusted quality.

• The rubber grip is there.

4. Pilot Retractable Rolling Ball Pen, Fine Point

The pen is known for its smooth writing experience. The brand is known for its quality pens. Thus, the quality of this pen is not questionable. 

It offers an incredibly smooth writing experience. In fact, it delivers skip-free writing. Thus, during the exams, you will have uninterrupted writing. This will relax you while writing the answers. During the exam, you will be assured of the smooth flow of ink when you are busy writing the answers. 

This will help you to concentrate more on the questions. The pen is also featuring a rubber grip. It has traction pockets. There is a supply of visible ink. So, you will be able to see how much ink there is in the pen. 

It will help you replace the pen and refill it as soon as the ink is going to finish. The pen has a fair point. It is 0.7mm—this fine-point aids in precise writing. 

The pen is of retractable type. Hence, there is no cap. You need a little pressure to make the tip out of the pen. 

What do We Like?

• Comfortable and convenient writing experience during the board exams.

• It has a durable precision tip. So, it gives clean time every time you use it.

• It delivers excellent smooth writing.

• The pen offers long-lasting liquid ink.

5. Pentonic Linc Ball Point Pen

When you are searching for the best pen for writing on the board exams, Pentonic Link is the best one. They serve every purpose. The pen comes in a variety of colors. So, you can choose according to your choice and preference. Each colored pen does not vary in price. They all are of the same price. 

This pen offers smooth writing. The pen has a 0.7mm tip. This tip of the ball pen provides a smooth and smudge-free writing experience. Pentonic has a matte black finish. It is excellent in looking. 

The lightweight of the pen makes the perfect for board exams. The lightweight of the pen contributes to pressure-free writing during the exams. Next, it also contributes to building up the writing speed. The faster writing speed is the necessity of any exams. So, it is an essential attribute of this pen. 

Most importantly, the pen has ultra-low viscosity ink. The German ink flow technology accompanies this ink. Both of these features do not let the ink spill out from the pen. So, the paper will not have any spilling ink on it. In this way, your answer sheet will not contain such spills. It will be neat and clean. 

You will be amused to know that there is an elasto grip in this pen. Still, the pen provides perfect gripping while writing. The design of the pen contributes to excellent grip. Hence, there will be no slipping of the cell from the hand. Thus, sweating in hands will not interfere in writing the answers on the paper. 

The Colour of the ink of this pen is right. It lasts for a longer time. The pen is useful for all kinds of writing purposes.  The pen is durable and stylish. The blue and black ink gives thick writings. 

What do We Like?

• This pen is stylish in look.

• It is lightweight.

• No ink stains on paper.

• 0.7mm ball pen tip gives a smooth writing experience.

6. Parker Jotter Standard CT Ball Pen

The classy look of Parker influence the person to use it. It gives a smooth writing experience. This is an important attribute. During the exam, smooth writing aids in building the writing speed. Writing speed decides the completion of doing questions in time. 

The body of the Parker ball pen is a blend of plastic as well as stainless steel. So the combo of stainless steel and plastic makes the product long-lasting. It offers durability to the pen. The black finish provides a unique style to the pen. The use of stainless steel in pen also gives a beautiful look to the pen. 

Another fantastic feature is the tungsten carbide ball tip. The tip has a distinctive feature. It has a unique geometric structure. This structure aids in comfortable, speedy writing. It allows sufficient ink to flow out from the tip with the right color intensity.  At the end of a pen, there is a push mechanism closer. This works every time. The mechanism is smooth. It just operates by a little pressure. All these make writing comfortable as well as easy for the user. 

What do We Like?

• It has a plastic and stainless steel body.

• Geometric structure at the tip of a pen.

• Presence of a push mechanism closer.

• It has a tungsten carbide ball.

• It is refillable.

7. Cello Technotip Ball Pen Jar Fine writing Exam ball pens

The fantastic feature of this ball pen is the ink system. It has a Lubri flow ink system. The system offers a smooth ink flow. This smooth ink flow offers uninterrupted and continuous writing performance. 

Ink is vibrant. It also ensures durability. 

For stress-free writing, the pen is the best one. It is a trustworthy partner during exams in writing letters, essays, and briefing the answers. 

The presence of an elastic grip helps in properly grasping the pen. So, the adjustable grip is a vital feature to hold the pen firmly. 

The elasto grip aids in pressure-free writing. It is an important thing to consider. During exams, this feature will help the students to write fast.  

The lightweight body of the pen helps in writing for a long. Thus, the pen offers comfortable writing. Its lightweight will not let your mind to hold it for a longer time. Smooth writing will mesmerize you. It just glides on the paper the moment its tip touches it. 

Its tip size is 0.6mm. The pack is including five refills. This is great to get extra refills free of cost. You will have fantastic writing experience in the board exams. 

Along with providing a smooth writing experience, the pen is pocket friendly. 

What do We Like?

• It has a long life span.

• It is lightweight.

• The pen is not offering any ink marks while writing on the hands and paper.

• This pen has a Lubriflow ink system.

• The pen has an excellent grip.

8. Cello Maxriter Cheap Ball Pen for Board Exams

A cello maxriter pen makes the writing process easy for you. Its smooth writing experience will mesmerize you. While writing, you will bit face any pressure. So, overall the writing experience will be an excellent time for you. 

Cello always makes the best pen for the exams. This pen is exclusively the best one for writing the board exams. Students preferred this pen due to its quality features. 

Its lightweight will never let you feel the pressure while writing the answers. Next, its 0.6mm ballpoint pen tip provides flawless writing. So, you are spared from the rough writing. 

The unique lubriflow ink system will not let the ink dry inside the refill. This ink will not give you stains of ink in the paper. Significantly, it will not be spilt out of the pen. 

Elasto grip makes the pen perfect for holding. This will prevent the pen from slipping. 

If you are wondering about its price, then it is not expensive at all. 

What do We Like?

• Presence of elasto grip.

• It is not expensive.

• It is a lightweight pen.

• The pen is offering pressure-free writing.

• The pen has a lubriflow ink system.

• The tip size if 0.6mm.


Exams are an essential part of the life of every student. They help in improving. So, writing the exams with a good ball pen is essential. Nobody wants a pen that stops in between and has leaking ink issues. It will lead to the wastage of time. In exams, every second is important. 

The pens mentioned here can be used in exams. These can be used for various purposes. Use and throw pens are cheaper. But you cannot guarantee their quality. Using the pens mentioned above will let you know the difference between the qualities of the former ones.  

In every aspect, pens on the list are far better than use and throw pens. The ink’s quality, smooth ink flow, and vibrant Colour will let you fall in love with the pens. 

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