5 Best Ink Tank Printer with Wifi in India

For many years, the market was captured by inkjet cartridges printers. These were expensive. Companies need to resolve this issue. They introduced ink tank printers. These printers were an excellent replacement for standard ink cartridge printers.

Ink tank printers have gained the market access quickly. They are affordable printing option. These have low operating costs too. Addition, they have the multifunction printer functions. So, they have all the features of standard printers.

Owning a printer is a necessity. Printer around you is of great help in terms of savings. It is convenient to have a printer at home and office. At home also, you can go for printing documents and photos. There is no rush to run to nearby internet café for taking print out.

But it is a big decision to choose among the available printers. The market has flooded with lots of brands and their different models. All these printers have their features. Some are common, and some features are unique. We have compiled a list of the best ink tank wireless printers for you.

Best Ink Tank Printer with Wifi

Best Ink Tank Printer with Wifi

1. HP Wireless Ink Tank Color Printer

HP Wifi Ink Tank Color Printer

HP 419 is a multifunctional printer. It can scan, print and copy. All in one printer are very useful. All the functions can be performed at a single place only. Various tasks are performed smoothly. Its features make the printer idle for use in homes and small offices. It is suitable for both regular and heavy users. The duty cycle of the printer is around 1000 pages per month.

It also has wifi and USB connectivity. Apart from this, it also has an HP smart app. This app allows connectivity to mobile. With the help of the HP smart app, the user can take the print outs from smartphones easily.

Another highlighted feature is printing without borders. So, no more white borders during printing. Enjoy the comfort of printing with no borders.

Get more prints at a low cost. Per page, the print cost is low. It is 0.10 paisa for black and white prints. On the other hand, it is 0.18 paisa for colour print outs. The printer is in support of multiple page size. It includes an envelope, DL, A4 and B5. So, the user can choose any paper size as per his convenience.

Next important thing is refilling the inks. It must be hassle-free and simple. Along with these, refilling must be spill-free also. This printer is supporting all these features of ink management. HP printer is supporting hassle-free and convenient ink management.

As the ink tank is transparent, you can keep an eye on ink levels. Transparent ink tanks give you access to monitor the ink levels.

What can be more convenient than the printer is listening to your commands. This feature is fantastic. Give the instructions to this printer without moving from your place. The printer will start functioning on your commands. Apps like Google Home and Alexa will help you to do so.

Smart tasks will remove repetitive tasks. So, with the help of one-touch customizable shortcuts, you will be able to print.

Print speed is 7.5 ppm for black and white and five ppm for colour printing. It is good. The print speed will save lots of time of yours.

  • Print speed is good.
  • Wireless setup is easy.
  • It can also work with google voice assistants.
  • There is no auto duplex. User must feed the paper.

2. HP Wifi Ink Tank Color Printer

HP Wifi Ink Tank Color Printer

HP 410 printer is all featured-packed one. The highlighted feature includes its compatibility with a wide range of mobile devices. This printer is compatible with iPads and iPhones. It is also found to be compatible with android smartphones and windows operating system.

This printer has it suitable for small office needs. Its all in one feature fulfil needs of copying, printing and scanning. All the features are performed with ease. It is simple to use the printer. Simplicity to use the printer makes it favourite.

Next, the outstanding feature is printing without borders. For every printout, you can expand the area. This eliminates the border. So, enjoy the soothing printing experience.

When any equipment works on voice commands, nothing can be more wonderful than this. This printer takes the orders and does the task assigned. The printer is compatible with Google Voice assistant as well as Alexa. No need to leave your place. Just give the orders and let the printer do its job.

HP 410 is quite useful for regular and heavy use. Its cost per page is also low. It is ten paise per page for black and white. Colour print out stands for 0.18 paisa per page. Speed to print is fast. You can have 7.5 black and white print out in a minute. At the same time, it is 4.5 for colour print out.

This printer supports pages of varying sizes. It is A4, A6, B5, DL and envelope. So, one can use any of the paper sizes as per his need.

Importantly, we cannot ignore the convenience of ink refilling. It is split-free. One can do the job conveniently and quickly.

  • This printer works on voice commands.
  • Wireless connectivity.
  • It supports pages of different sizes.
  • Resolution is good.

    3. Epson wifi All in One Ink Tank Printer

    Epson wifi All in One Ink Tank Printer

    Epson L 3152 printer is suitable for offices. In small offices, better printing speed is required. So, this one will stand perfect. This is also suitable for home use. The printer is perfect for regular and heavy usage.

    Epson multifunctional printer is the best solution for the business. It is economical.

    Epson printer has brought down the cost. Also, it has brought productivity to its clients.

    The printer has a compact and smart design. Its design fit it anywhere. So, it will free up the desk space.

    Integrated ink tank will give error-free filling. It will also support spill-free refilling. It has individual bottles, and these have designated nozzles.

    The printer is providing the convenience of wireless connectivity. Thus, get the printing out directly from smartphones.

    Cost of printing is low. It is 0.7 paise for black and white print outs. At the same time, it is 0.18 paise for colour print outs. Printing speed is good. It is 33 pages in every minute for black and white print outs. However, it is 15 pages for coloured print out per minute. Thus, the print speed is relatively high. Meeting deadlines with end time printing is possible with this.

    High print yields is a unique feature. The incredible yield of printer supports 7500 colour print outs and 4500 black and white print outs. Hence, you can print without any interruptions.

    This printer supports varying page sizes. It includes A4, A5, A6, B5, C6 and DL. It comes with four original Epson Ink Bottles. Importantly, it supports borderless printing. The printer gives a photo-lab quality print out—no limitation of any unwanted white border. Up to 4R photos, it contributes to borderless printing.

    The stunning resolution of printer mesmerizes the user. Sharp and vibrant pictures show attractive images. The resolution is of 5760 dpi.

    Wifi connectivity makes the tasks of printing easy. Up to 4 devices, there is no need for a router. Wireless printing is allowed without any hassle.

    • Tank design is compact and integrated.
    • Refilling is error-free and spill-free.
    • It has wifi and wifi direct connectivity.
    • The printer has borderless printing till 4R.

      4. Canon Pixma Wifi Ink Tank Colour Printer

      Canon Pixma Wifi Ink Tank Colour Printer

      Canon Pixma G3000 is suitable for household needs. It is also suitable for small offices. Its compact size makes it best to serve its purpose in offices and houses. It is a multifunctional printer. Pixma can do copy and scan apart from printing. So, getting a multifunctional printer will resolve all your scanning and photocopying issues too.

      The compact body of the printer makes it fit at any desk. After making its place, there will be much space left on the desk.

      It has a high volume affordable ink tank. The printer is capable of printing wirelessly. From, tablets, mobile phones, laptops and PCs, it can print wirelessly. No router is required to scan and print via mobile devices.

      This printer supports a high page yield. The cost per page printing is also low. So, it helps in more saving. Boost your productivity with the Canon Pixma printer. The cost per page is 0.8 paisa for black and white and 0.21 paisa for colour printouts.

      Print speed is 8.8 black and white print outs in every minute. It will print five colour ones in a minute. It supports pages of variable sizes like A4, A5, B5, legal and letter.

       The printer is designed for high printing volume—no need for frequent ink replacements. The ink tank capacity is high. Thus, the user can save time.

      Gets the convenience printing experience via connecting mobile devices to the printer. Connect the mobile devices to PIXMA cloud link. Enjoy seamless printing. Cloud link will let you access the photos from the storage sites and social networking sites. Scan the data and send it directly to storage sites.

      • It is compact.
      • Fine quality prints.
      • Wifi connectivity.
      • Printing speed is relatively low.

      5. Brother DCP-T520W Wifi Printer

      Brother DCP-T520W Wifi Printer

      All in one Brother DCP T520 W printer is a multifunctional one. It can perform many essential functions. These include print, scan, and copy. The multifunctional printer is featuring wifi and wifi direct print. It gives you access to connect the printer with mobile devices, laptops, and PCs.

      Built-in wifi permits effortless print. Wireless printing is the most convenient feature.

      The printer is capable of handling tasks efficiently. It is efficient to handle various print jobs with 150 sheets in its tray. Page yield is high. It is 7500 for black print outs. At the same time, it is 5000 pages for every colour of C, M and Y.

      • It is suitable for small offices and houses.
      • Easy to set the printer.
      • It has multi0 functional features.
      • Print speed is slow in the case of colour prints.

      Which is a better laser or ink tank printer?

      Use of laser printer and ink tank printer depends on usage. So, on your need for printing, selection of printer is made.

      In terms of colour depth as well as variance, ink tank printers are better. However, a laser printer is suitable for medium-quality colour prints. So, these are good for documents.

      When the quantity to print documents is more, then laser print will prove itself. Printing web files is more in easy with laser printers. Ink tank ones are good for printing photos. Even, these are good for printing coloured presentation materials.

      Both of these are not very costly in operation costs. These have low operating costs. However, the main problem is with ink tank printers. They have clogging problems. When they are no longer in use for an extended period, then ink tubs can dry. Ink in the reservoirs and cartridge dries up.

      Thus, those are not regular to print the documents must prefer laser printers.

      What is an ink tank printer?

      Ink tank printers have large ink reservoirs. These ink reservoirs supply the ink via a tube into the cartridges.

      Which ink tank printer is best in India?

      All major brands are manufacturing ink tank printers. Epson, Canon, and HP are offering a wide range of multiple variants. The brands are offering printers in all ranges. Most of these printers are equipped with advanced features like wifi connectivity, and so on.


      One must choose the printer that offers value for money. Get a good experience with low print cost as well as the latest features. When you are buying an inkjet wireless printer, you should look for the features. One must go with cost per print, page yield and page support. These features will save you from the upcoming costs that come with the printer.

      Don’t be confused whether ink tank printers are suitable for home or not. Yes, they are. These printers are reliable. They are cost-effective. The high-quality prints will surely fulfil your demands. They are little costly but still cost per page is virtually low.

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