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Comedk is an outcome of Karnataka Professional Colleges Foundations. To help the student with merit. So, that they can find a better college. The Foundation has started the COMEDK. The full form is “Consortium of Medical, Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka”.

Moreover, this test allows the aspirant to fulfill his or her dreams. Whether the aspirant aspires to become a doctor or a dentist. This test is the right approach for it. The test is a result of strict oversee and quality control.

The state of Karnataka with Comedk has introduced. The best system for an educational endeavor.  In the field of medicine, this test takes a higher place. The importance is such that the aspirants need to take it seriously.

It is one of the best medical tests in India. It is fair and just in its procedures. Moreover, its objective test taking process has good sustainability. The member institutes have great faith in this ability. To deliver the best talent to its campuses.


Like the previous year. This year also the Comedk will conduct the 2017 medical test. The entrance test is under its office. It will take into the publication o score as well. The counselling session is also a single window system. So, that there are less confusion and better results.

The aspirants can visit the Comedk website to learn further. The list of member institutes participating in 2017 test is live on the website. This will help to identify and target the right college for oneself. So, that there is no grey area in the minds of the aspirants. Each section has details regarding the courses offered by each member institute.

The foundation is in the forefront to keep all data up to date. There is no lag in the information delivery. The website is a prime example of professionalism. It will lead the aspirants to the best mood in the test taking experience.

The Comedk website always displays the latest and correct data. So, that there no missing information with regards to testing. Moreover, if there is a change affecting the test. That information is live with an alert on the website.

The aspirants must visit the website to cross check data. If there is an issue with the test. The aspirant can approach the office of Comedk. The solution is not far when the aspirants can approach the right office. If the steps are in sync with the events, then there is nothing to worry about.

COMEDK Login 2017

The aspirants can log in to Comedk through the link provided.  The link is the direct link to the login page. The aspirant will need to use it for further procedures. Moreover, until the process of admission is over. This login page will come in use from time to time.

The aspirants who have already registered need to use the ID and password. The ID is the same one, which, the aspirant received through SMS or email. This ID is proof of acceptance in the exam process.

If the aspirant is not yet registered. They can do so with ease. Moreover, the link provided will take the aspirant to the login page. From there they can fill in the details and register themselves.

The aspirants who are eligible can register. The log in details are vital. So, the aspirant needs to take care of it. These details are useful for the entire exam process. Until the seat is in lock for the aspirant. The online and offline documents are a necessity in every step.

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The UGET stands for Under Graduate Entrance Test. For the academic year of 2017-2018.  The test is the yardstick by which, the aspirants can ensure a seat. This test takes the talented students to their destinations of career. Whether it is the engineering or the medical career.

The UGET is under the Comedk. It stands for the Consortium of Medical, Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka. The test is a supreme example of the fair and non-exploitative initiative. To transform the lives of millions of aspirants. In the way creating a robust system of the educational foundation for all.

The test is the primary phase to admissions to various private colleges. This is for engineering, Medical and Dental institutes. The test lets the aspirants make their way into the member institutes. These member institutes accept the scores of UGET.

At present, there are 150 Engineering colleges that accept the UGET score. Through these colleges, the aspirants can apply for seats. The total number of seats is 20,000. This is a huge number keeping in mind the requirement. The UGET lets these opportunities wide open to the general aspirants.

Moreover, along with the test, the seat selection is also under the Comedk. Once the test is over. The next process of allocation of seats is in motion through the notice of Comedk. So, that there is no confusion in the minds of the aspirants. Moreover, it helps to streamline the process.

The UGET for 2017 is on 14th of MAY 2017 (Sunday). The aspirants can visit the website of Comedk to keep up with the updates. The latest information is present on the website. Moreover, for a simple and deeper coverage. The aspirants can visit this page to clarify and discuss any doubts or issue.

The UGET 2017 is an online entrance test. So, it becomes important that the test takers are good with the computers. The aspirants need to develop an aptitude for such types of tests. Going through ample mocks in online mode will go a long way. To ensure superior performance on the D-day.

Moreover, the UGET 2017 is a country-wide test. This enables the aspirants from various parts of the country. To participate in this wonderful opportunity.  To facilitate better experience on the part of the test takers. The UGET is organized in such a manner to make it close to the homes of the aspirants. This enables for a peaceful and less stress test-taking experience.

Moreover, the process is such that the cost per head is optimal. This goes without saying that both the test organizers and the test taker spend less on the test. The proper tech implementation paves the way for future proof test settings.

The test is a mix of three core values. It takes into consideration the importance of the foundations. One is being fair to all. The other is providing transparency in the process. At last the third is the non-exploitative merit-basing system. When all of this comes together. It takes the shape of UGET.

The website of Comedk provides the aspirants with a brochure. This brochure considers all the aspects with regards to testing. Once going through it is highly in favour of the aspirants. So, that there are no issues on a later stage of entrance process. All the frequent queries analysis is in-depth.

To keep up to date. The aspirants can visit this blog post. As it is a lively place to resolve all queries. The updates quickly show up as soon as there is a change in UGET. So, bookmark this page to make it easier to take the test. Moreover, engage in the comment sections below if you have anything to clear your mind on.

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COMEDK Application Form Download

The application forms filling will begin from Feb 13th 2017 (Monday). The last date to fill the form is Apr 20th 2017(Thursday). If the aspirant is not registered before the due date. He or she will lose on the opportunity to sit for this test.

The form application fee is INR 1200. There is no concession in the fee for different categories of persons. The form and fee submission is through single online mode.

The rules of photograph and signature must follow the rules and regulations. Moreover, if the guidelines aren’t in sync the form is liable for rejection. So, an aspirant must follow the guidelines with care.

A recent photograph will do fine. So, the aspirant need to take a latest picture. Not earlier than Nov 13th 2016. Moreover, in a colour format. The aspirant’s full face with clear visibility is the key here. The dimensions are 30 x 45 mm. The max size for picture is 80 Kb.

A signature with the black pen on white paper. Moreover, one which is there with clear visibility. Both the picture and signature format is .jpg or .jpeg. The signature dimension is 80 x 35 mm. Here also the max size allowed is 80 Kb. The signature of father or guardian follows the same rule.

The aspirants need to carry their photo ID cards at all phases. From the exam hall to the counselling session. The photo ID card along with other documentation forms a vital part of the process. Moreover, during the counselling the photo ID’s of parents or guardians is important.

The date for Comedk 2017 is May 14th, 2017 (Sunday). It is advisable that the aspirant mark this vital date. Moreover, plan keeping this date in mind. So, there is no lack of prep when preparing for such an important test.

Before filling the application form the aspirants need to go through the instructions. Making mistakes will cause obstacle later. So, it becomes vital that the aspirant is clear in his or her mind. To fill the application without impending doubts.

The first thing to note is that there are no second chances. So, it becomes vital that the aspirants make no mistakes while filling the form. Once the complete application is through with the submission. There is no way for an aspirant to make a change in future.

Moreover, while filling the application. The aspirants need to fill in all the details. The complete data is necessary to further the process. Incomplete data will cause the cancellation of the application form. So, it is advisable that the aspirant uses the “Preview” option. Once the data is in confirmation. The aspirant can click on the submit button.

As above para discuss. The aspirant is liable for all the mistakes in the form during the submission period. So, if there is an issue then the form becomes void. Moreover, there is no provision in UGET to inform the aspirant before rejecting his or her application.

In case of multiple form submission. The aspirant will lose the right to sit in the test. So, making sure of all data is of primary importance. Due-diligence in part of both the aspirant and the guardian is the need of the hour. As some info needs guidance from the elders. It is advisable that the guardians are in the know-how of rules and regulations.

Moreover, the office of Comedk is not responsible for any mistake. If the mistake is on the part of the aspirant. They cannot sit for the test. The rules are strict and no leeway is provided to anyone. Until and unless there is a large tech error and the board decides to consider it.

Otherwise, the office of Comedk will not take charge of errors in forms. The aspirant cannot approach any authority in this case. The jurisdiction in this matter rests with the registrar. So, a formal complaint is a possibility. However, the aspirant need not waste time in it. Rather, make sure to fill the form correctly.

This way the process of filling of application form is over with hassle. Moreover, taking a good approach goes a long way in ensuring better results later.

COMEDK Counselling

The aspirants who clear the Comedk UGET exam are eligible for counselling. The counselling’s takes about one month after the results are out. The tentative date for counselling for the year 2017 is June 2017.

To follow its value of merit. The Comedk calls the aspirants on the basis of merit. This means that the aspirant on the higher side of merit will receive the counselling call first. The process is smooth and there is no room for error.

Moreover, the seats are available through the single window. This enables a centralise form of seat allocation. The process of seat allocation is frank without causing issues. Moreover, the whole process takes place at Bangalore.

The aspirants can download the information after submitting the details. Those who clear the entrance. They receive all information with regards to seat availability. Moreover, those who clear the test receive the fee details.

Moreover, the aspirants can download the rank card by logging in. The ID used at the time of registration of exam is required here. The rank is useful at the time of counselling.

The aspirants need to go through the documents verification. To prove the eligibility this is a vital step in the process. If the aspirant fails in this, then they cannot get the admission.

COMEDK Rank Predictor

The Comedk rank predictor is a simple way to know the rank when put in comparison with the marks received. The rank predictor gives a clear view of what is the probability. So, that the aspirant can make the best guess on what they will have.

If aspirant scores in the range of 126-180 in PCM. He or she can expect a rank in 1-1000. Moreover, if aspirant scores marks in range of 118-126. He or she can hope for a rank in 1001-2361.

Moreover, if aspirant scores in the range of 108-118. He or she can see a rank of 2362-4734. At last, a score of 90-107 will ensure a rank of 4735-11588.

After getting to know the idea of rank. The aspirant can go through the previous cut-offs. So, he or she can make a good guess as to which, college they can expect. Rank predictor proves as a good tool.

Once, the aspirant has all the details. He or she can proceed with the next step. Whether it is the counselling or verification. The aspirant can prepares well ahead of time. Keeping in mind the requirements of each college. That he or she hopes to secure a seat in.


The foundation behind the success of Comedk is appreciable. As no other institution, can compete on a scale with the Comedk UGET. The philosophy of merit is the touchstone for Comedk. The merit with which they operate is commendable.

Moreover, the technology that comes into play is also important. The cost and logistics are minimal in this exam. So, both the institute and the aspirants spend less money and time. The schedules are straightforward and the centers are close to aspirant’s home.

When all these above-mentioned points come into play. The Comedk truly takes a center stage in the entrance exam milieu. Moreover, creating a world-class entrance exam experience. This goes a long way in establishing a foundation so strong. That it enables an enriching and sustainable system for the society.

Comedk is an opportunity for each person. The person having an interest in the field of science and medicine. An aspirant with proper guidance can make a career lasting decision with this test. It helps to provide a good platform to talented aspirants.

In ways, unimaginable Comedk in Karnataka is ensuring a bright future. It makes the economy better by providing a good foundation. Moreover, it provides a better future for the aspirants and the country alike.

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