Download your Voter ID Card Copy Online 2020 in 2 Mins

Voter ID card is an important document that is essential during elections to cast their vote. As per the official rules of the Election Commission of India, the citizens residing in India attaining an age of 18 years are eligible to get registered as a voter in their constituency. If you’re looking to get a new voter id card in order to cast your vote during elections, you need to apply for a new voter id card. The process of registering for a new voter id card is pretty much simple and hardly it takes a month to get it dispatched to your house directly. There are actually two different ways to apply for a voter ID card that includes the online and offline process. It is advisable for every eligible citizen of India to apply for a voter ID either online or offline well in advance, i.e., prior to the elections.

Download Your Voter ID Card Copy Online

The Government of India has launched a National Voters Service Portal for all the citizens of India to provide a single-window service for various tasks that include applying for a new voter id card, search for the name of voters online, Check for the status of your voter id and many more. However, it is not possible to download the original voter id card online, but it is possible to download the slip that includes the details of a voter which is very much useful at the time of casting votes in elections.
A voter can simply head over the Election Commission website so as to acquire the benefits of the services provided on its official website. You can easily search your name in the digital Electoral Roll available on the official website of your state where you reside. All that you need to download the copy of your voter id card is the printed voter id number or other details like name, age, and assembly constituency.
Download your Voter ID Card Copy

How to Download your Voter ID Card Copy Online?

To cast your vote at the time of elections, a mandatory document that must be provided at the polling center is your voter id card. You also need to take a copy of your voter id card in order to cast your vote. For some security reasons, a soft copy of the slip can be taken by downloading it from the official website. Here are the simple steps that help you in downloading a copy of your voter ID online:
Step 1: Initially, log on to the official website of Election Commission of India wherein you’ve registered for your voter ID online or offline. The National Election Commission has set up different websites for each state of India.
Step 2: Select your state where you reside and you will be redirected to that particular state.
Step 3: Now, click on the Search by Name button and enter your credentials like voter id card number.
Step 4: Upon entering your voter id number, hit on the Search button at the bottom of the web page.
Step 5: All the details of your voter id will be displayed on the screen. You can find the Print option on the right-hand side of the screen.
Step 6: Just hit the print option in order to download the copy of your voter id.
That’s it! You have now successfully downloaded the copy of your voter id card to cast your vote during the elections.

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