Top 10 Useful Education Apps for Students to Score Good Marks

Good education is important for students. Along with school, coaching can be very helpful. Today is the day to technology. As long as you are ready to word hard there is no stopping you. Additionally, with the help of using technology, you can get children’s happy about learning. When you are looking for application, there are many option to consider. Below are some of the top applications for education:

Useful Education Apps for Students


TopRakers is a very good educational application. Aim of the app is to provide nice and short notes. Because of short notes studying will be convenient. The application will give you mock test. This will make sure you get good practice. Additionally, this application is a perfect for those appearing in Law, SSC or Bank exams.



Byju’s is the most popular education app in India. It is made by a teacher named Byju to spread education. The application has today got backing of Facebook is will help you in your studies. There are many different courses available in the app. Additionally, app will provide material for GMAT, CAT, IAS, GRE as well as AIPMT. Teachers in Byju are very skillful and can provide you good knowledge. Good teachers coupled with animations make this a must have application. There are top teachers who work for the app and can provide you very good source of knowledge.



Simplilearn is also very popular app in India. This is a different concept which can provide training and education. It works on the requirement of companies. Courses are on those topics in which companies want to train the professionals. As long as you are familiar with the working the app can provide you good education. Team at Simplilearn specializes in tech courses, business courses and other help to vendors.



Prozo is another very popular application for educational purposes. This app can provide you with digital notes, books as well as other study materials. Because the app gives good discounts, ordering books can be very cost effective. This is a widely popular application. Additionally, it can make studying very easy. Best part is that they are able to provide the study material at your home in less than 24 hours. Pronzo has more than 60 different types of digital content. They have more than 400 publishers who can provide you proper content.



Fasudents is another very useful app which can provide a enriching educational experience. Because of its unique aspect, this is one app which every student can benefit. This is a complete application for your education. As long as you use it properly is can provide you proper educational benefits. There are many different ways in which you can use the app. They have 30 years of experience. It has a lot of study materials such as Stationary, Books, College Materials, and lot more. App can be very good of exam preparation. There are many mock test that can help you.



If you require online books than this is one app which you have. There is wide range of books. It can help you in GRE, GMAT, GATE, and other preparations. They also have training classes. With the classes you can get proper coaching for your exams. Courses will properly train you and make sure that you get success. Because of their unique interface, this is a very good app for your use. Using it will make sure that you get require success. Even for school student’s eQuickes is a must have application. There is a lot of ICSE and CBSE material.


NCERT Solution

If you are a CBSE student than this is a very good app. It can provide you with course material to make sure that you get good knowledge. NCERT Solution is well made and can make sure that you get a good interface. The app is very easy to use and can provide you lots of options. App will provide you with all the books and course material which can make sure that you get good knowledge. Best thing about the app is that it will not have any Ads, which can help students concentrate. App is available for for iPhone and iPad users.


World GK

World GK is a very popular educational app and can provide you with good updates. It is loaded with GK studies and can be perfect for preparations of Bank, SSC, GMAT, CAT and other exams. The app is prepared by Prashant Lohani and can make sure that you get all the knowledge. It will provide you with all the latest updates and make sure that you get good success. With latest updates you can get proper knowledge. App has many different practice test so that you get good practice.


English to Hindi Dictionary Offline

If you are having trouble with English than this is a must have app. It will not only make sure that all the English sentences are properly understood but will also improve your knowledge of the language. Because of this app you will not have any problem in studying. English is a very important language and is widely used in corporate. To make sure that you remain competitive learning it is compulsory. With the help of proper English you will be able to get required success.



For many external exams, getting proper knowledge of English is very important. With the help of this app, you can get all the words which can help you in exams. With good english Vocabulary you can get good marks in your exams. This app is must if you are preparing for exams such as TOFEL, CAT, SAT, GRE, and lot more. The application is developed by Suvobi LLC and is very easy to use. It is properly designed for iPad and iPhone users.


Above are some of the top apps which you can use for studying. With the help of these apps you get very good knowledge about courses. They can be very helpful in getting proper preparations for the exam and will able to score good marks.


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