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The edudel stands for the “Delhi Directorate of Education”. The office is under the education ministry. All the public schools in Delhi are under it. It is a proud system which, is one of the largest in India. It has links with national and global school systems.

The edudel is a prime example of finest educative office. So, it’s main focus is quality and best reach. It awes with its abilities. Moreover, it has from time and again been in the lead. The office of edudel is one of a kind in this field.

Moreover, the edudel is a proof of the sincerity of Delhi state. It spends 10% of total outgo on education. It is one of the highest in the country. This has seen a rising trend from past years. The Delhi state with the help of edudel is going to raise it further.

The office of edudel came into being. By the passing of Delhi School Education Act in 1973. Moreover, with this bill, the secondary and senior secondary study came under edudel. Apart from it the MCD, NDMC and Delhi Cantonment deal in pre-primary and primary.

About EduDel 2020

Moreover, in the early 80’s there were 700 senior schools. Today that number is in thousands. In addition, the total number of students touches 9.5 lakhs. Moreover, there is a staff of 40,000 to run it. The group has come a long way.



The main schools under it are the Sarvodaya Vidyalayas. These schools have two shifts due to space modesty. Moreover, the edudel has entered into the primary study. This is active in 364 schools at presents. It’s a good step in right way keeping in mind the growth of society.

The edudel sort Delhi into 12 districts. So, that the official work is easy to perform. Further, these districts are sort into 28 zones. The 12 districts have at least one education officer. So, the command of education staff is under that person.

edu del schools

The division of office and rule is to streamline the job. Moreover, it lets a better show of work. So, the public also profits from it. Because of its liberal plan. The cost is also well in control.

The total number of boys in Delhi public schools is higher. The edudel looks to reduce this gap from time to time. They foster a better help from the parents. Moreover, they make the spread of news easy and wide.

A good base was always lacking. The edudel with its various cells has made it possible to improve upon it. The directorate with its efforts has brought out changes. Moreover, since past 15 years, there has been a lot of gains.

The edudel has been able to bring in people from various expertise. So, that the education can improve on several accounts. Further, it has made sure that the experience of the educational system in Delhi is the best. Moreover, from the school building to the teaching plan every aspect is improving.

Edudel EWS Nursery Admission Form Download

The admissions will begin on 10/01/2017 (Tuesday). The admission forms will start from 10/01/2017 (Tuesday). Moreover, the last date of form submission is 31/01/2017 (Tuesday).

In case, where the application is in the process of rejection. The parents are will know about it through the proper channel. The form goes to rejection if it’s not in order with the notice.

Click Here to Download EWS Admission Form in Hindi

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Instruction to Fill Online EWS/DG Category Application Form  for the Year 2020

सत्र के लिए ईडब्लूएस/डीजी वर्ग में दाखिला हेतु ऑनलाइन आवेदन प्रपत्र

To make sure that there is no rejection of the form. The parents need to make sure that the proper paperwork is perfect. So, that there is no issue later on. If the record of the category is clear. In such a case there is no need for proof of another document.

When in doubt the parents can approach the collector’s office for further clarification. The district collector’s office is the final authority in this matter. Moreover, the system tries to provide equal opportunity. It is the duty of the parents to make sure that all the documents are in place.

Moreover, the neglect will lead to cancellation of form. This may cause further enquiry. In the case of reservation in the category of an economic and disadvantaged child.

The parents need to take care of all the aspects. So, there are no mistakes. However, if there are issues which arise. In that case, the parents can approach the office as soon as possible.

In a case of resolving issues on matters about eligibility and other relating concerns. The parents can call the office on this number- 8800355192 and 8800355146. These numbers are the helpline numbers.

The parents need to know that, office hours are from 10 AM to 5 PM. The office working days are Monday to Friday. Moreover, all the admission work happens in this time frame. So, keeping these points in mind. The parents can approach the right official in the office.

edudel ews result

Steps to Check EWS/DG Results

To access the result of EWS/DG entry. Please follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. First got to the official website.
  2. Then scroll down and click on “EWS/DG Admissions”.
  3. After that click on point 4 which says “EWS/DG Admissions issues/result 2017-18”.
  4. Then please fill-up the registration number and the child’s date of birth.
  5. Then click on the submit button. So, that you can now see whether your child is through with the entry.

Edudel Admission Form Online Download

For the edudel application, the parents need to make sure that they have the right paperwork. This will allow for seat reservation. So, that the real people in need can benefit. The child who is in a disadvantage is not behind in the race.

To fill up the application please visit the edudel website. Moreover, make sure to read the complete instructions. To do that please click on  ‘EWS/DG Admissions’. This will explain in details what is right and what is not.

Once through with the instructions. The parents can go to the next section. Moreover, continue with the process of admission.

The following are the documents that prove the eligibility. If the parents are looking for the seat reservation.

Documents Required for EWS Admission

  1. BPL/AAY/ Food Security Card issued by Food and Civil Supply
    Department, Govt. of NCT of Delhi or
  2. Income- Certificate issued by a Revenue Officer, not below the rank of Tehsildar.

Documents Required for DG Admission

  1. Orphan and Transgender: – Documentary evidence.
  2. Children with Special Needs/Disabled: – Certificate issued by Govt. Hospital.
  3. SC/ST/OBC (Non-creamy layer) certificate issued by Revenue Officer, not below the rank of Tehsildar of Govt. of NCT of Delhi.

For the year 2020 the Aadhar number is vital. Along with the enrollment number the student need Aadhar number also. Parents can acquire the UID Aadhar number for their child.

As on 31/03/2017 (Friday), the least lawful age for entry is as follows. So, for the Nursery/Pre-School, the age is 3 years. For the KG-Pre-Primary the age is 4 years. At last, for class 1, the least age is 5 years.

Edudel Result

The final list of successful candidates. In addition, the waiting list will come out on 28/02/2017 (Tuesday). The second list will come out on 15/03/2017 (Wednesday). The admission will close on 31/03/2017 (Friday).

To access the results the parents can visit the link. Moreover, this link will decide whether or not the child is in. To view the result for 2017-2018. Please input the registration number and the date of birth.

After completing the data in the spaces provided. Please click submit button. Moreover, always remember to check the details. Check whether it the same info of your child or not. Once it is in confirm then proceed further.

The EWS/DG category have reservation up to 25%. These seats are exclusive to them. This came into being after the RTE Act, 2009. Moreover, other orders also define similar guidelines. This was on the Directorates notice on 07/01/2011.

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