Maharashtra ITI Results 2020 DVET ITI Time Table

In a country which has the youngest population in the world. It has become an urgent and indispensable task to bring up the skill level of the working population. Without which the country will face the shortage of skilled employment and the growth will become stagnant. For overcoming this scenario, we have the institution like Maharashtra Industrial Technical Institution. The institute provides training to eligible students in a myriad of courses.

If you are looking to join this institution then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss the main points that will help you to decide on the merits of this institution and its affiliate colleges. Further, you will gain the information regarding the nature of exams, admissions; admit card and course fees etc. Go through this article to find out more.

Maharashtra ITI Admit Cards

You can visit the website of the institute for admission information of the various courses in several colleges. The link to the admit card for entrance admission test is same for all the colleges. The rank you get decides your future in regards to where you will be getting the admission. As different colleges, have different cut-offs.

Moreover, when you visit the website make sure to keep your registration number with you. As you will need to use it to be able to download the admit card. If you see any issues with your admit card be it personal information or any other such flaw then you must bring it to the notice with immediate effect. Further, make sure that you keep an eye for the relevant news online wherever you go.

If you are applying for the admissions then it is a good practice to take help from the seniors. They can let you know about the various departments of the college. The particular course-related information on employability. Further, the trend in industry outlook. All this and later more insider tips are a part of such connections.

Maharashtra ITI Exam Fees

You will come to know about the fees, in this section of the article. You will find a broad list of fees to aid you in your path. College’s fees remain the same for you no matter which one you join. It will remain the same for all aided and unaided colleges. Moreover, the ITI institutes take every step to be transparent in their work, so that aspirants like you need not suffer.

There are two sections to the fees structure that is whether you are from rural or urban districts. If you belong to rural districts then you will end up paying less for the same courses if you were from urban districts. However, the change is not that great and is manageable for all the enthusiasts who are looking to take a shot at these ITI colleges.

For aspirants from rural districts, these are the fees. For engineering trades, the total fee payable will be INR 15000. Moreover, for the non-engineering trades, the fee payable will be INR 12000. Further, for the urban districts the fee for engineering trades is INR 16500. Besides, the fees for the non-engineering trades are INR 13200.

Maharashtra ITI Time Tables

The semester system is prevalent in ITI institutes for the exam process. Your exams will take place in Odd and Even Semester system. You will give Odd exams from the months of November until December. Further, your Odd exams will cycle through the months of June until July.

You need to prepare for the exams according to the schedule mentioned here. Moreover, you will also need to prepare for the practical exams. You cannot ignore this portion as this is a deciding factor when it comes to your final markings. The department teachers will guide you for the practicals. To score well you will need their support and their valuable inputs. If you are able to do well in practical’s then this will surely boost your rankings in the exams.

To keep a tap on the exam related queries you should be in a constant touch with your department head. As this will ease the difficulty of utilizing your productive time elsewhere. Do remember to keep everyone related to your course in your loop. This will also affect your employability in the final stages.

Maharashtra ITI Results

If you are looking for the exam results then you should solely rely on the website of the institute. You should keep an eye on the website for the latest information regarding the Maharashtra iti results release dates. The institute is quick to upload its exams results as and when they are available to it.

To access your exam results you either need to follow the link provided or you can also look up at the notices released by the institute. The exam results are not final and they tend to change. Therefore, do not consider your exam result finally until your appropriate college authority rectifies it.

If there is any dispute regarding your results then the controller of the examination is responsible for your case. You can present the examination office with the relevant information and continue with the course of investigations. The office of controller takes the matter with utmost importance and there is transparency in every stage.

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