5 Money Making Apps and Methods for Students Online Free

While smartphone penetration has increased, the mobile app business has also flourished. The best part is you can easily make money with mobile apps on the go. In order to make quick money through app you need a smartphone, internet connection and some free time. You can make money on the sides while doing shopping, waiting in the queues. Moreover, you can even make money while sitting idle at home through these apps. Albeit the money earned may be small, but any extra income is always welcome.

These Money Making Apps need you to perform various tasks for which they pay you in cash or reward points. These tasks include clicking, selling products, brand check, secret shopping, advertise, gaming and other customized tasks. For cash payments you receive cash credit in your paypal account. You can redeem the reward points for online shopping, mobile credits, gift certificate or buying airline tickets.

However, there are certain fraudulent apps which you need to watch out for. They can keep you engaged in time intensive activities even though monetary payouts are low. Even if this if your hobby you would be better off finding a better option.

We now look into some of the money making Apps through mobile apps with a few examples:

Freelancing Apps

Portal apps like elance, freelancer, upwork where a person can offer freelancing services. On this platform, people can post their specific jobs or requirements to hire freelancers. They agree on a price through bidding or negotiations to close the project deal. On completion of project, the hirer pays online to the freelancer accordingly. These apps however charge a percentage of the deal value as fee.

Shopping Rewards Android Apps

Some apps offer reward points or cash reward for shopping on them. iBotta, eBates, Shopkick are the some of the prominent apps in this space. They have tie ups with prominent stores like walmart from which they earn commission on every sale. They pass on a part of this commission to customers buying from their app.

Cash Back In Your Wallet

Smart online businesses use this concept off late. Service provider apps like Lyft, Uber, Makemytrip etc. create a wallet of their own. They also credit virtual money in those wallets which are redeemable for their services. The more you use the more cash back in the form of virtual money you receive. This helps the service provider increase customer loyalty and stickiness.

Watch Adverts

Businesses need to promote their products and services. They are even willing to pay you for watching their adverts. Apps like Fronto and Slidejoy replace on screen lock with advert board. They keep flashing ads on your mobile screen when locked. You just need to slide on the ad and watch it to earn money or credits. You can earn even more by interacting with those advertisers.  These apps work on a pay per use model.

Survey or Testing: testing and sharing feedback on new apps is also money making option. Even Google pays you for answering queries on forums and filling online surveys.

If you know any other Android Money Making Apps, Kindly share in comments

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