Patna University Results Date Sheet Download

In 1917, the British Raj build Patna University in Bihar. Patna University is the top 10 oldest universities in the Indian subcontinent. It is an affiliating institution and many institutions come under its control. The university has 30 units and divided into 8 faculties. Also, UGC has approved the university and it is reputable. The University is on the banks of Ganga and around the Saidpur campus. It’s an urban area campus, if you are from the city you will find it easy studying here.

The present chancellor of is Ram Nath Kovind. And the vice-chancellor is Yedla C Simhadri. At present, 18741 students studies across various colleges studies under this brand name. There are also 448 teachers at present teaching in various colleges. To know more about the university please go through the rest of the article.

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Patna University result

Patna University Date Sheet Download

If you are an aspiring student of this place or even if, you are a current student. Then you can access the information about the examinations from this section of the article. In addition, to this, the university conducts regular exams throughout the year. And is active online to impart the news regarding its activities.

You can get all the information of exam timetable for all the exams across various courses from the website of the college. The University follows the semester system of Odd and Even exams carried in an annual year. The Odd exams take place from July until November. Further, your Even exams will take place in the months of December until April.

To keep a cap on the affair regarding the exams. You should keep yourself updated by visiting the website often. Moreover, seek forums, as this will also keep you in touch with the events regarding the exams. Also, you do not have to visit the office rather you can get vital news online itself.

You also need to take care of your attendance if you are from the regular courses. You need to have at least 75% of attendance to be eligible to sit for the exams. If you fail to achieve the set percentage of attendance then you can claim medical reason. Yet here also you will need to have at least 60% of attendance to sit for the exams.

Apart from the theory papers, you will also need to prepare for the practical papers. You need to be in touch with your teacher to get the details about your practicals. Your practicals also have set attendance need to be able to take them. One external and one internal examiner is responsible for the evaluation of your exams. The final marks of your exams will also reflect the marks of the practical.

Patna University Exam Fees Structure

The university has a clear fee structure for all of its courses and you can visit the website to enquire further. The admissions office is responsible for handling the fees related queries. You can visit the office for any further details you wish to enquire on.

In part, payment of fee is possible for any one-year or higher duration courses. To get further information regarding this you will need to visit the admissions office. And contact the officials there, you can site the need for special needs. And if approved you can access the installment benefit.

Just as in any colleges recognized under the affiliation from, the fees here also differ from college to college. You should spot that the aided colleges will have a minor fee in contrast to those who don’t get funds. You need to make a choice based on this part also.

The least cost of fee payable here is INR 5000 for a short course of just two semesters. The most fee is payable for the MCA about INR 81000 along with a security deposit of INR 8500, which is refundable. You can visit online on the link provided and download the PDF document for any further fee-related questions.

Patna University Results Updates

The official website releases the results online as and when they are available. The website should be your first choice of search when looking for the results. Yet, you also need to keep in mind that the results published on the website are not final by any means. And you need to have it confirmed from the examination office.

You need to keep the roll number with you while you try to access the results. Once you have it and upon study, you find any error then you can reach the examinations office for clarification. Further, the unaided college students need to visit their respective colleges.

In a case of a dispute, the controller of examination is responsible for solving your issues. You can approach the office and provide the evidence for the same. Most of all you also need to keep in mind that the decision of the controller’s office will be final and that there will be no change. You need to keep an eye on the proceedings to make sure that there is no delay. Also, make sure that there is no fault in your approach.

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