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UPTET stands for Uttar Pradesh teachers eligibility test. By this test, the state of UP selects teachers for different classes. One other name for it is Uttar Pradesh TET. The tests are under the office of regulating authority.

If you are a striving person. Moreover, who wants to break into teaching then give this test a good try. Because with this test you can become a teacher in primary and upper primary classes.

The UPTET is for those who want to become a teacher in class 1 to class 5. Moreover, this same test also places teachers for classes from 6 to 8. All the selection is for schools under the state of Uttar Pradesh.

UPTET Latest News

UPTET Breaking News March 2017 Recently Supreme Court issue contempt of court on the lawyer accused the registry of manipulation. Click here to know for Info

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UPTET-SHIKSHAMITRA : 11 अप्रैल सुनवाई : जज दिपक मिश्रा चाहकर भी शिक्षा मित्रो को नहीं बचा सकता
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February 2017: Number represented here 1 lakh 27 thousand need to be adjusted permanently and 72825 teachers from the previous exam are yet get posts of teacher.

Out of all these, 91 thousand of BTC TET candidates have got cases against them (TET exam related) which, is due for hearing in court. So it is important case and hearing in SC. All teachers involved in this are tensed. In which way the case will go? To get updates regarding the case please visit the web site on regular basis. 

The depot of school education releases the UPTET notification. The latest 2017 notification is due. Yet, sometimes other examination boards also release the exam notice. As and when the UP state officials advises them to.

The aspirants might note that this test is requisite. If you are a B.Ed. and are looking for a teaching job. All state schools and other schools ask this test score. After clearing this test an aspirant can apply for teaching jobs across UP.

There are both online as well as offline means to apply. Yet, it is advisable to go online. This will assure fast assent of the form. However, if for some reason online is not viable then go ahead with offline mode.

Due to a large number of applicants. The aspirant needs to apply at the earliest. To do this the test taker needs to visit the website on regular basis. Further, take major dates seriously. It would help to keep a plan to stay ahead in this test.

The UPTET is a major exam. It lets the test taker excel in the teaching field. Further, it is the rule by which, the aspirant is hopeful on merit. No one can take this test at face value.

Moreover, the state puts a stress on this test. As by it, several schools fulfil their need for teachers. Yet, it is vital to note that there is no room to fake quality. So, the test is the norm by which, teachers find a place to teach.

It is crucial that the aspirants are up to date. Whether it is about the exams dates or the results. So, that these issues do not cause a barrier in preparation. The info becomes the first step to success. Remember to search for info. So that there is no concern about the process.

UPTET Latest News.

UPTET is a well-known exam in UP. The state does its best to give a good test outline. So, that there are least lapses. Moreover, the smooth testing goes on in UP. Still, there are few cases of delay. Whether in checking or releasing of results.

Still, the UPTET is a light of hope for millions. This test sets the path for aspirants. A few cases of chaos cannot put it to end. Further, it should extend the value of teaching employment. Moreover, putting the right people in the right place in schools.

UPTET Admit Card Download

Those who are waiting for UPTET exams. They can access the admit card from the UPTET website. To access without issues. The aspirant needs to input the right data. The info needs to match the data at the time of form submission.

Further, if the data is wrong then the result won’t match the correct info. Apart from that, the spelling is also vital. This will lead to better time control. Since at the time of exams. The time is of the essence.

As soon as the dates are up on the website. The aspirants can access the admit card. To keep oneself in the loop. The habit of visiting the website from time to time will help.

Once the link of admit card goes live. The aspirants can download it to their device. Please note you need to have pdf viewer to open it. Further, you can take the printout for the exam day.

In case there is any error in admit card details. Please contact the office as soon as possible. There is a chance of a spelling error in the name. Further, mistake in the date of birth or any other detail about the personal info.

The first thing to do is to contact through helpline number. If that is not possible then visiting the headquarter is also an option. Make sure to use the proper way to rectify the issue. If done wrongly then the problem can increase in future.

Once the aspirant has the admit card. They need to keep it safely. Better to put it in several places. Both the online as well as in physical form. Since admit card is the one you need the most. Try your best to not lose it. Be it under any situation.

UPTET Exam Pattern and Syllabus

UPTET has a syllabus of two objective test papers. Both the test papers have 150 objective questions. 1 mark is for one correct answer. The total marks in an exam are 150 marks.

So for those who want to become teachers for class 1 to 5. They need to appear for paper 1. This exam is for all primary school level teaching position. The total number of question will remain the same that is 150.

Moreover, those aspirants who want to teach in higher classes. They need to appear for paper 2. In this exam, there are 150 questions each. The marking scheme is the same as in paper 1. This exam is for classes 6 to 8.

Hence from above, it is clear. Those of whom who want to take chances in more teaching positions. They would need to appear in both the paper 1 and paper 2. The marking scheme will remain the same. Although the in this case. The total number of questions will add up to 300.

It is fit to give both the exams. As this will raise the odds of selection. Due to a large number of applicants. The race is tough. This exam is more about the planned path. Rather, than stick to a part of luck.

So, to raise the odds of getting a teaching job. Please do try to give both the exams. However, there is a condition of eligibility. For both the papers 1 and 2. The eligibility rules are different. So make sure of these things at first.

UPTET Eligibility Primary Classes (1-5)

The aspirant at least needs to have a graduate degree. If they seek to give exam for primary level. That is to say the paper 1. Moreover, they need to have 50% minimum grades in final mark sheet. The degree is acceptable from recognised colleges.

For those who are seeking relaxations are under these circumstances. These are SC/OBC/ST/PH and freedom fighters. They are eligible for a 5% deduct on grades. Further, this applies to diploma holders as well.

For those with the 2-year degree of B.T.C. and C.T. (Nursery). They should have the degree of UGC recognised. This also applies to NTT or Nursery Training course. Make sure that the degree is recognised.

Moreover, those who have Special BTC training degree. They too can appear for this exam. The condition is that it should be from recognised college. The minimum marks are 50% to apply.

In addition to this who have 2-year B.T.C Urdu Special Training in UP. They can also appear for this exam. Make sure that the degree is from college under UGC.

At last, those who have cleared their B.Ed. can appear for this exam. The course should comprise of 4 years’ duration. Plus, keep in mind that it needs to come from UGC affiliate college.

UPTET Eligibility for Upper Classes (6-8)

For this paper – 2, aspirants need to have a degree under the UGC act. Moreover, it should have National Council for Teacher Education recognition. If the degree in not from above-mentioned colleges. The aspirant cannot attempt this exam.

For those who have B.Ed. degree, they need to have minimum 50% marks. Moreover, coming from UGC applicable colleges. This also applies to B.Ed. Special Education from the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI).

For those with other degrees they too need to have minimum 50% marks. Still, it should come from UGC or NCTE authorisation. People with 50% marks and 4-year Bachelor Degree in Elementary Education are also eligible.

For those who are in reservation category. Such as the SC/ST/OBC/PH/Freedom Fighters. They are eligible with 45% marks. However, they too come from UGC/NCTE institutes. If this is not the case, then they cannot appear for the exams.

UPTET Paper 1 Exam Pattern

The first section of the exam is child development and pedagogy. This section of the MCQs is for 30 marks. After this, there are two sections of Language exams. Language 1 and language 2 section each for 30 marks.

The next set of questions in the MCQ is from Mathematics and Environment. Both these parts are for 30 marks each. So, the total exam marks are 150 marks. There are no changes in the pattern. Unless put on notice by the office.

Please remember to come out with the right strategy to tackle this exam. The aspirant needs to keep a plan ready. So that they could score best marks in this exam.

UPTET Paper 2 Exam Pattern

In this paper, there are compulsory parts. These are the child development and pedagogy and Language 1 and Language 2 paper. All three sections contain 30 marks each. So it is important to score highest possible marks in these sections.

For rest of the sections. There are 2 sets of 60 marks parts. This depends on the subject specialty. So take it accordingly. Have a plan and stick to it. So that you are able to score highest in these parts of the exam.

UPTET Online Application Form Download

Once the aspirants decide to apply for the exam. He or she needs to have a valid email ID and password. Moreover, the scanned copies of photographs and signature are also part of the application.

Once these are present then please visit the website of UPTET. Once on the website please go through the instructions. Do this carefully as later on, it should not cause troubles.

After filling in all the details. The aspirant needs to go through it thoroughly. So that there is no mistake. Take time before final submission.

Once done with the form submission of details. The next step is to upload the photograph and signature. Once it is through successfully. The applicant needs to submit the proper fee.

For future use, the applicant needs to take out the printout. Moreover, the challan is also vital. So, both of these documents will prove the candidacy of the applicant. They can come in handy in future issues regarding the exam process.

UPTET Examination Fee

The exam fee of UPTET is INR 400. This fee is applicable alone for the paper 1 or paper 2. The reserved candidates such as the SC/ST/OBC. They need to pay INR 200. For either paper 1 or paper 2. Moreover, there is no fee for the PH candidates.

Exam Tips to Clear UPTET

The first thing to keep in mind regarding this exam is to have a clear mind. The exam in itself is not tough. Yet, the sheer number of candidates raise the bar for this exam.

So, remember to follow a plan with a clear mindset. To give oneself room for better preparation. This will lead to better marks. In addition, will help to get into a better position for a teaching job.

Go through the previous year’s exam questions. This has to be one of the most vital steps. This will give a clear idea regarding the type of questions asked in the exam. Further, it will give proper impetus as to what is important from the syllabus point of view.

Moreover, it is a good idea to contact the people who have attempted previous paper 1 and paper 2. This takes you on a proper path. Their experience can give further insights.

To score highest marks it is vital to solving as many questions as possible. Practice is the key to success in this exam. The parts in which the subject knowledge is important cannot go casually. Make an extra effort to score maximum in these sections.

At last, make sure that you are up to date with the exam news. To do this you can visit this section of the website. It will have the latest news regarding the exam updates. As and when they happen. Moreover, the google search will also take you to latest news web sites regarding the exam.

However, it is advisable that you keep one source of contact online. This way you won’t waste much time. Moreover, you will be able to concentrate more on exam rather than wasting time on searching. Once you follow the above-mentioned tips. The UPTET will become a relatively easier exam for you. So give your best and the best will happen to you.

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